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Startup Advisor – Dezmon Landers

Dezmon Landers is a student of startups. His areas of interest include startup strategy, product development and lean entrepreneurship. He’s passionate about teaching entrepreneurs the startup mindset to help them minimize waste, save time and validate early stage business ideas quickly. He’s worked in the consumer Internet and public speaking space which has developed his experience. Dezmon is a simplistic and linear thinker which enables him to help aspiring entrepreneurs bring clarity and structure to their business ideas.


Web Design – Jerry Brown

Jerry has over 12 years experience helping large and small businesses build a strategy for their website. In today’s web savvy world, you can’t just build a web site. You have to have a plan to make sure your web site is a 24/7 extension of your sales and marketing team. Jerry specializes in helping companies build web sites that drive traffic, generate leads and increase sales. Jerry speaks your language because he is a business and marketing professional that loves helping businesses grow by using the Internet. He’s not a programmer that only speaks in binary code. You will benefit from his years of experience in making businesses thrive on the web.

Intellectual Property Law – Barbara Luther

Licensed to practice before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, Ms. Luther assists clients with utility and design patent applications, trademarks and copyrights. She negotiates with patent office examiners and executives to gain patents that are as broad as possible, to prevent your competitors from nibbling away at the edges. Barbara is an active member of the U.S. Patent Bar; American Intellectual Property Law Association; The Licensing Executives Society; the bar associations of California, Illinois, and Arizona; the National Association of Women Business Owners; the Women’s Business Enterprise Council; and the Arizona Technology Council, among others. Plus, she’s a recognized author and speaker on intellectual property. So whether you’re a start-up or a large corporation, Luther Law has the knowledge and experience necessary to translate highly complex technical information into clear, plain English, easy for the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office to interpret and understand.

Sales Training – David Greco

Dave Greco is a sales training expert and CEO of The SalesPreneur, LLC.  As featured on ABC’s hit TV Show “Shark Tank”, Dave can stand with the best of the best…he swam with the sharks and lived to tell about it! He has over 15 years of professional sales experience and has never (not once) missed a target. He hates to lose, as a matter of fact, he’s a sore loser! In creating The SalesPreneur, Dave and his team have demonstrated how to close more deals in less time. His extensive background in product and service sales, technology, banking, financial and retail verticals makes his company a valuable resource to any company, large or small looking to grow market share. He sits on several boards and supports many local charities. A native of CT, Dave is a graduate of Bryant University, married his high school sweetheart, Amy and has two children, Lily & Noah. Dave and his family live in CT with their dog, Jeter and enjoy traveling, cooking, exercising and enjoying all that life has to offer.

Web & Audio Production – Jon Acosta

With 5 years of experience in TV commercials, music videos, and corporate identity production, Jon Acosta sets the bar in digital media. Acting as a video director under his brand, Acosta Productions, and a production consultant for companies like The Woodruff Arts Center of Atlanta, Georgia, Honda Southern Motors, and Tekla, Inc., Jon and his team have exceeded the expectations of their clients in regards to modern media. Starting his production career in Atlanta, GA in 2007, Acosta Productions has since expanded their brand to the west coast in San Francisco, CA as of early 2012, while still staying humble and maintaining a strong presence in the southeastern production market. Experience is key in this ever-growing industry and getting lost in the masses of online production can be easy to do. Thankfully, there are no projects too big or small that Jon and his team aren’t prepared to tackle… Acosta Productions will help you find your way.

Human Capital Management – Suzette Salandy

Suzette has worked as an executive and strategist in human resources and organizational development for more than fifteen years, focusing on talent management, performance management, employee relations, executive coaching and organizational development. She believes in the philosophy of providing human resource solutions to maximize human potential. Ms. Salandy was a spokesperson on the 2008 National Tour promoting a new skincare product line developed by Dr. Katie Rodan & Dr. Kathy Fields, the dermatologists who also developed the skincare product known as Proactiv. Suzette is also the Director at large, board member for the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, a member of the Society of Human Resource Management and the National Association for Female Executives. She is the former chairperson for the Professional Women’s Group, Dress for Success, Delaware Chapter.

Finance & Accounting – David Harvill

Over the past 25 years, David Harvill, CPA, has built a distinguished career as a Financial and Accounting Operations Consultant and Controller/CFO who is known for delivering results. Upon graduating from California State University, Long Beach with a B.S. in Business Administration, and Accounting, David began his career as a Financial Operations Auditor with First Interstate Bank of California. He then moved on to a Big 4 Public Accounting firm, Ernst & Young, LLP, and served as a Financial Auditor. These experiences were vital in shaping the future career path for David, as he became a tremendous asset with clients and successfully fulfilling their needs. This cultivated expertise led him to going out on his own and becoming an Independent Consultant in financial and accounting operations. Obtaining certification as a CPA, David has built a career resume that has consisted of consulting with Fortune 100 clients in a number of capacities including capital sourcing, financial statement preparation and analysis, forecasting, budgeting, risk management, audit coordination and financial controls. David has consistently demonstrated a track record of results in all areas of operational and financial management.

Business Outsourcing  – Louis Lautman

A “born salesman,” Louis accelerated at his craft and quickly became a company leader for a competitive telecommunications company, knocking on at least 50 doors a day early in his career. In the summer of 2007, Lautman created a virtual society of young like-minded motivated business people, The Young Entrepreneur Society. As Louis wanted to create a platform for young people who were looking for more in their lives, he created The YES Movie (www.theYESmovie.com) He created this as a launch pad to motivate and inspire others around the world. This enlivening documentary is impacting the lives of millions of people and becoming the catalyst for inspiring still greater passion in business and life. In 2011, as Lautman’s business and life were officially virtual, he found himself traveling globally and managing over 20 virtual employees. People’s fascination began growing about how Lautman could manage this team, and naturally his emerging expertise on the topic of business outsourcing was born.

Leadership Development – Hugh Ballou

Hugh Ballou teaches leaders around the globe how to build synergy with teams and how to build effective processes that bring success to any organization – no matter how big or how small. He brings a wealth of experience as a prominent conductor of musical ensembles to his innovative leadership approach. He is author of 5 books on Transformational Leadership and works as an executive coach, process facilitator, and strategist. As a powerful motivational speaker, he teaches the fine art of leadership employed every day by musical conductors. The skill set of planning for success, constructing powerful goals, and delegating with authority are consistent themes where many leaders underperform. Ballou’s unique ability to inspire and motivate even the most successful entrepreneurs has made him the expert in the field of Transformational Leadership. Transformational Leaders build strong leaders on teams that are motivated, focused and highly effective in setting and implementing powerful goals.

Business Planning – Lenny Nuccio

Lenny Nuccio has trained hundreds of operations managers, salespeople, and customer service staff for Fortune 50 and other companies over his 30 year business career. In the corporate world, Lenny worked for a Fortune Top 50 company training and developing managers for the company as well as various operations positions. He also spent several years in banking. As an entrepreneur, he has built numerous businesses from the ground up, including branded gas stations and national franchise restaurants. In one of his more recent projects he helped build a national distribution organization that sold products to major national retailers like CVS and 7-Eleven. This organization went from $0 revenue to nearly $5 million in just two years. As a consultant, Lenny has worked closely with county and city governments, commercial banks and business owners in planning and funding to help develop commercial corridors and revitalize blighted areas in cities.

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