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What people are saying…

Startup Expert has helped me bring clarity to the reinvention of my business.

Leslee G., Ojai , California

Desire needs direction to go the distance and I firmly believe that Startup Expert can help you get there!

Marshawn E., Atlanta, GA

For the first time, I am finally feeling empowered and confident to grow my passion into a real business!

Andrea B., Cherry Hill, NJ

Startup Expert’s knowledge and expertise is overwhelmingly impressive and I am making significant progress with my business idea.

Lolita A., Willingboro, NJ

Startup Expert is a no nonsense program that provides direction, tough love and most of all, encouragement!

Bryan S., Omaha, NE

Startup Expert is a one stop shop for any new entrepreneur that is trying to start their new business.

Sean O., Dallas, TX

Our LaunchPad system is the only one of it’s kind. It’s much different than other business plans because it focuses on developing the entrepreneur vs. impressing bankers or investors.
Some members of our business advisory team have been featured on ABC, NBC, Wall Street Journal and even Shark Tank! They’re ready to share their experiences with you now.
Our startup research assistance saves entrepreneurs over 30+ hours per month and helps them make quick, executive decisions.

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